What is Preventative Healthcare

What is Preventative Healthcare

What is Preventative Healthcare
What is Preventative Healthcare

Literally millions of people die each year in the United States, due to illness and diseases which could have easily been avoided through the use of prophylaxis or what is more commonly known as preventative health care.

Technically, any type of testing, immunization programs, and even regular checkups are considered to be part of a meaningful preventative healthcare plan, but are they enough? The single, young male will have different needs and concerns than the middle aged female, or the young family who will have different needs than their elderly parents or infant children. Preventative Healthcare can and should be planned and an important part of your overall healthcare needs.

​What is Prophylaxis?

Prophylaxis is the means by which avoidable diseases and illnesses, including potentially debilitating conditions can be avoided. There are many different factors that will determine what measures are best suited to prevent known illnesses and diseases.

One of the most frequently overlooked aspects of preventative health planning is environment. The beaches of Boca Raton are popular not only for the local people, but also very popular among tourists and people moving anew to Florida for retirement or other reasons. Many of these tourists however, are not accustomed to tropical or sub-tropical environments.

People who move into the areas of Southern Florida around the Everglades may have issues with the water, or be more susceptible to diseases from the brackish water, even if they are not drinking it, but merely walking through it. Some people will have adverse reactions merely through the absorption of the tannic acid in the water.

The first step in every preventative health care plan should be finding a regular doctor. You may want to find a family doctor if you have children, though many elderly people who are moving to Florida to enjoy their retirement may need a general practice doctor more familiar with the common medical concerns of the elderly people.

While the family doctor is perhaps the most important part of any preventative healthcare program, it should not be seen as a final solution. Finding a family doctor that is part of a larger group of medical professionals can ensure that you have all of the medical specialists necessary to take care of all your medical needs, in addition to helping you to avoid any easily averted trips to the hospital due to illness or disease.

The family doctor or personal doctor as the case may be, is just the first step however. Medical consultations should always begin with the family physician, but where it leads from there will depend on many different variables, not the least of which is age.

​What is Preventative Healthcare for Children?

What is Preventative Healthcare for children?
What is Preventative Healthcare for children?

Finding a good pediatrician in Florida is not very challenging, and should be a serious consideration for any family preventative healthcare plan. While the idea of a family doctor is great for general medical concerns, different age groups will have different vulnerabilities and be susceptible to different illnesses and diseases.

Granted, the family doctor has already been through extensive training, and their value should never be discounted, but again, for the sake of preventative medicine, specialists should also be consulted. A board certified pediatrician who has lived in the area around Boca Raton will not only have additional experience with children, but also with areas of concern that may be more localized, such as a susceptibility to dengue or other communicable diseases that can be transmitted by mosquitoes or other local environmental causes unique to the area.

Another important part of any preventative healthcare plan for children is ensuring that they have had all of their immunization shots, and maybe even been introduced to vaccines that have a more specific role in disease prevention. While a child may not be as susceptible to the flu, what about any underlying conditions that may remain hidden without regular checkups and doctor visits?

If you are looking for a family doctor around Boca Raton or the Everglades, that is a good start. During your first consultations however, it is important to learn as much as you can, especially about more localized illnesses and diseases that may adversely impact the children in the family. Adding a regular check up with a pediatrician can only help to ensure that your children remain healthy and happy through the use of preventative health care plans, for the children and for the family.

​What is Preventative Healthcare for the Family?

“But it was only a cookie!” And that quickly, what started out as a family outing turned into a medical emergency that could very well have cost the life of two people in one particular family. Why? How? Many family outings and community gatherings turn deadly, in large part due to common allergies.

In that particular case, the allergic reaction was to a rather miniscule inclusion of nuts in a cookie recipe, and the cookies were freely shared during a family gathering. Preventative healthcare for the traditional nuclear family with a mother, father, and 2 or 3 children may not be overly complicated, but in terms of larger families, preventative medicine can easily become more involved.

Even for the traditional family unit, preventative healthcare means making sure that all of the people in the family are aware of any allergies, or other adverse reactions or weaknesses of all the members of the family. Whether in a vehicle, in the shower, or on a ladder, or even during recess, accidents can occur which leave the individual family member incapable of letting the doctors know about any possible conflicts or allergies.

If you can ensure that little Johnny knows that daddy is allergic to something, it becomes easier to ensure that even the most minor and seemingly inconsequential accident does not become a life threatening medical emergency. More important still, none of this should replace regular checkups with the family doctor, or other medical consultations which may help to prevent other easily avoidable illnesses or diseases.

​What is Preventative Healthcare During Middle Age?

What is Preventative Healthcare during middle age years?
What is Preventative Healthcare during middle age years?

For the movie lover, “screening” means being able to see a new movie. As people move into middle age, it takes on a whole new meaning in terms of preventative health care and medical maintenance. The medical needs of middle-aged people are going to require a lot of screening.

Things like pap smears and breast cancer screening will become familiar terms to the middle aged woman, while men will need to begin worrying about things like prostates and other areas of concern. Even the most devastating types of cancer can often be treated easily if they are caught early on.

Menopause is yet another area of concern related to middle age, and while it is not generally associated with medical emergencies, the fact remains that it can have seriously adverse results in terms of the hormone balance for the middle-aged woman.

While a family physician may be great at explaining the causes and effects of menopause, the endocrinologist will be much more well prepared in terms of comprehensive testing to determine if there are hormonal imbalances, and what can be a more effective treatment.

The dietary needs of an individual may change as they enter middle age as well, again leading to consultations with other medical professionals above and beyond just annual checkups with the family doctor.

Again, none of these practices in terms of preventative healthcare should be seen as a replacement for a good family doctor. However, the availability of medical specialists who are more intimately familiar with the problems of the individual are an effective supplemental addition to annual checkups and can increase the chances of avoiding any unwanted medical emergencies.

​What is Preventative Healthcare for the Elderly?

Boca Raton and the surrounding area is a popular retirement destination. As such, there is a seemingly large population of elderly people, many new to Florida and its environs. Preventative healthcare treatments and options for the elderly should never be overlooked, and much more than just a personal physician can help the older generations to more fully enjoy retiring in Florida.

Older people who spend more time on the beaches or in the Atlantic Ocean or even along the Gulf Coast will have unique needs, most notably in terms of dermitology and preventing skin diseases. Elderly people spending time engaging in more youthful activities may find a chiropractor to be a useful addition to their family doctor or personal physician.

Retirement should be a time of enjoyment, but one accident or one easily avoided illness may not only cut short the retirement, but result in death or a debilitating disability that seriously inhibits the ability to enjoy the beautiful scenery in and around Central Florida.

​Can I Get a Preventative Health Care Plan from AHCMD in Boca Raton?

AHCMD in Boca Raton offers a complete range of medical services, including specialists and family physicians who can help you to put together a comprehensive preventative healthcare plan. From family doctors, to dermatologists, to dietary specialists and more, give Advanced Health Care in Boca Raton a call today. Let us help get you back on the path to a healthier and happier future, allowing for you to enjoy the real beauty of Florida from a healthier perspective.


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