What Are The Top 10 Benefits of Preventive Medicine

What Are The Top 10 Benefits of Preventive Medicine

What are the top 10 benefits of preventive medicine and preventive medical care?
What are the top 10 benefits of preventive medicine and preventive medical care?

Preventive health care or “Proactive medical care” is a subject that is far too frequently overlooked and one that needs to be revisited, on a regular basis. For many people, seeing a medical doctor is akin to fixing the roof. You cannot fix the roof when it is raining, but when it is not raining, they see no need to undertake the repairs, even when they will prevent further damage later on in time.

Even if you can find the best dentist, they will be unable to work on your mouth during the height of a bad infection, when the pain is at its worst. However, if you had scheduled a regular dental checkup, and even maintained a family dentist, the infection could likely have been prevented before it was allowed to get so painful.

Proactive medical care or Preventive medicine extends far beyond the mouth though, and for everything from diet to routine physical exams, proactive medical services can help you to enjoy a much better quality of life, likely for an extended period of time. Herein, we will look at the top 10 benefits of proactive medicine or Preventive health care.

​1. Increased Quality and a Longer, Healthier Life

How can I establish a better median quality of life using proactive care?
How can I establish a better median quality of life using proactive care?

So this guy goes to the doctor for a checkup and the doctor tells him he has to give up everything he loves and he will live a lot longer, and the guy asks if he gave up everything he loved, why would he want to live any longer?

Despite some popular jokes to the contrary, you do not have to give up everything you love, including your love for life, in order to have a longer and healthier life. Proactive or Preventive medical consultations are only one step in living a longer and healthier life though. There are however, some very tangible benefits to proactive medical consultations.

Yes, you can still enjoy that steak grilled over the barbecue, but probably not every day. No, you do not have to become married to an expensive gym membership just to get your daily dose of exercise. But these are only some of the issues that will be addressed when you schedule an appointment for medical consultation services.

How much of a good thing is too much? Milk is great for you, but too much milk can result in calcium deposits and “stones” that are difficult to pass on the best of days. How much of the things that you love you can safely consume, and how much exercise you require to stay fit and healthy depends on many factors, including your body type and your medical history.

Proactive medical consultations can allow you to continue enjoying all the foods, activities and the life that you love, while at the same time minimizing your risks for preventable diseases and illnesses. Proactive healthcare in conjunction with or in addition to your regular medical checkups just helps you to increase your ability to continue enjoying life for a long time to come.

​2. Decreased Cost for Emergency Medical Care

Proactive medical consultations will help you to increase the ability of your body to fight off many common diseases, and to prevent a lot of otherwise expensive, unpleasant trips to the office of your primary care physician. Just like most vehicles, a regular maintenance program for your health, and ensuring that you only use the best in terms of health supplements and diet, means that you will get sick far less often.

This practice actually decreases the likelihood that you will end up in the emergency room for illnesses and diseases that can be easily avoided. Diabetes in one such case, often brought about by poor dietary choices, which can easily be avoided when you regularly consult medical professionals regarding your personal health care needs.

While there are those that would debate whether financial incentives are a good reason for engaging in proactive healthcare, it would certainly seem to be a very real and tangible benefit to the medical patient. If you know someone who is always sick, who smokes too much, and seems to spend an inordinate amount of time with doctors, ask them what their additional financial burdens have been like, and then think about all the better ways you could use that same money.

​3. Strengthened Immunity and Resistance

A healthy diet and a proper exercise regimen resulting from proactive medical consultations is sufficient to help some people overcome diseases they already contracted and suffer from and to prevent illnesses that are easily avoided.

As was noted before with diabetes, diet is important both to avoid the disease to begin with, and equally important for those who have diabetes to deal with it and lessen the problems associated with the disease.

The natural ability of the body to fight off disease relies on natural immunity and resistance, which is in large part controlled by keeping the body and mind healthy and strong. Proactive health consultation services can help to ensure that your natural physiological defenses are at their peak, and allow you to pick and choose dietary or other health supplements for any issues specific to your body and your health.

​4. Agility and Personal Mobility

Will proactive health care allow me to become more active later in life?
Will proactive health care allow me to become more active later in life?

Dietary consultations can help to alleviate the symptoms of more than just diabetes, but also arthritis and a host of otherwise debilitating conditions. Bone structure and muscle density can also be assisted through proper diets. Add to this a medically proven exercise regime, custom made to the needs of the individual, and the benefits of proactive medical consultations becomes obvious.

Personal mobility is not only important in terms of physical health, but also mental health. The ability to get out and actively engage in physical activities is certainly beneficial to physical well-being, but also important for mental health as it provides people with an opportunity to actually enjoy their life.

​5. Early Detection of Debilitating Diseases Like Cancer

Perhaps one of the most promising results of proactive medical consultations and regular medical checkups is the ability to detect potentially deadly diseases before they have the ability to endanger the life of the individual.

Many different types of cancer, including the more common varieties of breast and prostate cancer, can be more effectively treated when they are detected early. The ability to detect these cancerous growths in their early stages of development also makes the treatments much more bearable in many cases. In some cases, the cancerous growth can merely be cut out when it is caught at an early stage of its development.

​6. Avoiding Disease and Not Treating Symptoms

Medical terminology is very specific and precise, and for a good reason. While some terms may be personally unappealing and unpleasant to discuss, things like mucous, phlegm, and spittle or saliva all have very unique and specific meanings.

The role of the medical interpreter or medical translator is especially concerning, as more often than not, a family member or other staff member may be asked to translate, merely because they are the closest person at hand.

Confusion of these precise medical terms can result in symptoms of the disease being treated rather than the treatment of the disease itself. There are also cases where imprecise communication can lead to a misdiagnosis and the wrong diseases being treated.

The ability to remain healthy, to have good blood, strong bones, and a health immune system can prevent many of these issues from ever occurring because the person engaging in proactive medical consultations will not be sick nearly as often.

​7. Healthy Diets and Better Foods

Can I eat healthy for less money or is it really more expensive?
Can I eat healthy for less money or is it really more expensive?

I think I will go grab some of that wonderful frozen diet food – said absolutely nobody ever. Ask anyone who has had to go on a restrictive diet and chances are good that they will tell you that one of the biggest challenges, was the inability to eat tasty foods on a diet. A dietary consultation can help the individual or even the family who is concerned about their health to avoid these challenges.

Perhaps you are one of those individuals who pays close attention to what they eat, and eat large volumes of raw vegetables? Which of those raw vegetables are home to dangerous bacteria that can lead to infections of the digestive tract? Which of those raw vegetables are exceptionally high in sodium and can lead to elevated blood pressure? Twenty dollars would go pretty quick at any fast food restaurant but would go a lot further in a grocery store buying healthy foods.

What if you could find a happy compromise and plan healthy, wholesome and more importantly, tasty meals that the whole family will enjoy? The increase of information readily available on the internet can help, but it may also be misleading or even just wrong in some cases.

Proactive medical consultations with a certified dietitian can include an exchange of information with your family doctor that will allow for you to create a healthy menu for the entire family, regardless of whether or not anyone may have specific dietary requirements. It is then possible to investigate additional dietary options online, without putting your own personal health at risk.

​8. Improved Athletic Ability

“Doctor, when I get this cast off my hand, will I be able to play the violin?” “Could you play it before you had the cast?”

You are not going to come out of the doctor’s office as the greatest athlete in the world if you never had any athletic ability to begin with. However, a healthy diet and a proper exercise regimen resulting from proactive medical consultations can definitely help to increase your ability to enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Whether you are hoping to be able to enjoy your golf game more, without having to lean so heavily on the caddy or the cart, or you are a high school athlete trying out for sports for the very first time, proactive and Preventive medical consultations can definitely help you to improve your game.

​9. Better Circulation and Respiration Preventing Discomfort

One of the reasons for increased athletic ability as a direct result of proactive medical practices, is the ability of the body to function better, in this case, more precisely for the improvement of blood circulation and increased capacity of the respiratory system.

Blood circulation is necessary for the oxygenation of the body as the blood circulates through muscles, other tissues, and all of the vital organs of the body. Proper blood circulation can help to mitigate the potential for painful cramps, and the increased functionality of the internal organs.

The increased health of the respiratory system will help to ensure you do not have to sit down to rest every five minutes, even during more arduous physical tasks. Breathing often becomes elevated or faster as we exercise more, due to the increased need of oxygen throughout the body.

When all of these functions are working optimally, your ability to get out and enjoy life will be less restricted and you may be surprised at how much you can accomplish, even during your golden years. Depending on the effort you are willing to put in, given any restrictions as may be noted by your primary care provider or other certified medical professionals, the future only gets brighter from there.

​10. Increased Awareness of the Body

Very few humans have actual pain receptors within their internal organs, but the more health conscious people become, the more they become aware of their body, and ultimately, the easier it becomes for the patient to notice when something is not functioning optimally or even when something internally may be “out of place” or “just not right”.

The human body is among the most complex devices in the world and will always work best when everything is in shape and in order, functioning properly and doing its job well. The whole purpose of proactive medical consultations is to optimize the ability of the body to do just that. Still, despite our best efforts, things may still go wrong from time to time.

Having a better grasp on your own body, no pun intended, will help you to ensure that you can always let your doctors know what ails you, and accurately and early enough to do something about it before it is too late.

​Does AHCMD Offer Preventive Health Care Services?

AHCMD in Boca Raton offers a complete range of proactive medical options for virtually everyone. Whether you are looking for a family doctor to last through generations, a more simple dietary consultation, or anything and everything on the extremes at either end, contact Advanced Health Care MD in Boca Raton today. Let us help you to help yourself.


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