AHC’s Insurance Plan

Shopping for your own health insurance can be confusing. Advanced Health care has the simplest health insurance plan. You will never find a similar plan elsewhere.

At Advanced Health Care, we offer comprehensive services from all fields. We offer an affordable care plan that resembles a simple in network insurance plan.

AHC Affordable Insurance Plan!

AHC offers a unique insurance plan with an affordable payment processes suitable for all beneficiaries.

As for more details about the payment, the plan costs $30 for enrollment fees, $30 for monthly subscription, and $30 as a copayment for any emergency or no-specialized physician visit.

Moreover, you are required to pay another $30 if you make a copayment for any planned medical procedure, including dental or outpatient procedure done at any location providing AHC service.

However, once a visit is made to a specialized physician, the patient will be required to pay $50 as a copayment for the service, which is a good deal for service-seeking users.

A member can visit any AHC location either on a walk in basis for an emergency visit or by appointment to any specialty offered by AHC which cover medical and dental care.

There is no penalty to cancel at any time or restart at any time, a plan can be in addition to any other insurance and has no bearing on any other insurance that may be carried.