Accident & emergency department (A&E), Emergency room (ER), Emergency ward (EW) or Casualty department come under one category of Emergency care.

All departments of AHC has qualified staff but this EC department’s staff goes from a special kind of training and sessions. Cardiac arrest, Heart attack, Trauma, Mental illness, and Asthma and COPD kind of emergencies are handled very professionally in this department.

AHC is leading in advance care strategies and planning. Due to the unplanned nature of patient appearance, the EC department provides early treatments for wide-ranging fields of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and require immediate attention.

AHC knows emergency departments should be well-equipped and well-coordinated. That’s why the best initial treatments are provided by our EC department. Our experts may also treat patient away from hospitals and try to reach them as soon as possible, physically or through phone calls, for some mandatory guidance and help.

Our staff understand the worth of life and provide all means to protect it in any way.