Dermatology is concerned with the healthiness of skin, scalp, mucous, membranes, including acne, skin cancer and psoriasis. Our experts treat over 3,000 skin conditions.

Skin issues are rising day by day due to an increase in environmental conditions, and it’s important to keep a continuous check-up of the skin. At Advanced health care we utilize new technologies, which include Botox, Chemical peeling, Radiesse, Laser therapy (the latest and reliable treatment for hair removal), Picocurie by Cynosure, Pigmented Lesions, Facial Resurfacing, Tattoo Removal, Vascular Conditions. All therapies and surgeries are performed by highly qualified doctors and surgeons. Advance health care provides professional Education and training to its staff.

Making the right choice for treatment center is as important as skin care choices, and Advance health care is cherry on the cake.